Weymouth College Appointed November 2007 to the Development Committee – Business Governor.

weymouthcollegelogoServices provided Marketing & PR consultancy services, consultancy and advice to Senior Leadership Team.
Website : http://www.weymouth.ac.uk

“Julie has recently given the Board of Weymouth College a presentation about marketing and brand development, which has been immensely helpful in enabling us to shape our future strategy. The presentation generated a lively discussion and all Board members (especially those with a marketing background) were highly appreciative. Julie couples her knowledge and experience with an enthusiasm and ability to communicate that will help to encourage and motivate leaders of a wide variety of businesses and organisation.” Tony Alford, Chair, Weymouth College

“Julie has a clear view of the strategic approach needed for marketing and the development of professional relationships.

I have worked on a number of assignments with Julie and find her visionary and able to express the importance of effective marketing and communications to a range of people – clients and partners- in a way which they find interesting and involving”   Sue Moore, Principal, Weymouth College

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