KEY DIGITAL Agency (previously known as Key Multimedia) is a highly specialised Internet company based in Poundbury, Dorset with a wealth of experience of digital marketing.  On a very hot summer’s evening on 27th June over 30 businesses joined the digital team and a panel of experts to discuss “Digital Creativity”.

Key Digital maintains very close relationships with their clients and focuses on keeping them well informed in future developments of both digital marketing and Key Digital’s projects and initiatives. Each quarter Key Digital opens their doors to an “UNLOCK” event. On the Expert Panel was Lara Jane Thorpe, commercial photographer, Rob Aldous founder of Kitbrix sports bags, Danny Duke, digital artist in the film industry and Jamie Homer, Head of Creative at Key Digital.

David Lakins, Managing Director of Key Digital said “Our clients are the backbone of our business, their ideas, enthusiasm and passion for their businesses provide great material for the team at Key Digital to work with.  It is very important to create digital attention in the world of business social noise; businesses need to find a way to stand out and gain trust and credibility.  Creativity is everything in brand, strategy and voice”. 

The panel and audience were asked challenging questions by host Dave McRobbie, digital strategy consultant regarding the importance of creativity in business and explored various ways of approaching design and digital marketing.  The panel of experts challenged the group by asking if smart phones were now making everyone a “creative” in their business.

Lara Jane Thorpe, photographer said “I agree that smart phones have their place for creating stories and culture for a business, but professional photography will always provide images that provoke emotion for a brand.  Smart phones are a fantastic resource as a creative tool for capturing the mood of a situation, capturing ideas, a digital diary and as a research tool but professional photography will always bring out the human emotion in an image.”

The event was filmed and is available to view on YouTube:

The evening concluded with networking opportunities whilst the group enjoyed delicious food prepared by Pic-Nick of Dorchester.

Key Digital Agency has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months and now employs 10 people doubling its workforce.    The agency offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions, web design and development, SEO and content marketing, social media and online marketing all of which are aimed at increasing the performance of their client’s businesses online.

The next Key Digital UNLOCK event will be held in the Autumn at one of Key Digital’s client businesses, if you would like to come along to the event please get in touch at:

 Places are limited so early registration is encouraged.

If you would like more information please visit   call them on 01305 542000 or email the team at

Photo: Left to right:  Jamie Homer,  Danny Duke, Lara Jane Thorpe and Rob Aldous

Photo supplied by Key Digital

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